Custom Graffiti Logotype

Custom Characters

Characters of gizmos drawn after your own ideas is the coolest thing to get. Have yourself as a superhero or have that perfect mascot for your business that no one else has. From concept to sketch to high resolution raster or vector files.

DJ Mini

The price range for characters

  • Head only: $150
  • Full body character: $250

The price range for gizmos

  • Simple item: $50
  • Complex item: $150

Here's the process:

First you'll describe your idea and I'll send over a concept sketch. This sketch will be very rough just to find the right style and look.

Custom Graffiti Design Process

Once we've nailed the concept I'll draw a detailed sketch.

Custom Graffiti Design Process

In this example the client wanted the character to have a beard so I drew that in.

Custom Graffiti Design Process

Finally once everything is approved by you we'll move on to the high resolution raster or vector illustration. At this stage the remaining revisions is restricted to colors and layout.

Custom Graffiti Design Process

Here's what you'll get:

Here's a few samples

Graffiti Superhero Graffiti Ninja Graffiti Artist Character Graffiti B-Boy Graffiti Highschool Graffiti Biker Graffiti Chef

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