Design Process

For Custom designs, no matter if it’s a text logo, a character or a backdrop we’ll build the illustration up in stages so you give me your input for each itteration. This way hopefully you’ll get exactly what you want plus it’s Fun!

In this example we’ll use a custom character illustration. The client needed characters for a girls basketball team.


I figure since it’s sports I’ll do some sort of action scene so I drew up two girls fighting for the ball. I’m only drawing a quick sketch showing the pose and layout so if you don’t like the idea we can easily draw something else. You have 3 revisions included at this stage.


Once the concept idea has been approved by you, I’ll flesh out the characters, give them clothing, facial features and hair styles. If you want to change anything, this is the stage to do it.

Detailed sketch

The client wanted the front girl to be black and to have dread locks and the girl in the back to be white and have pony tails so I’ve added that for the detailed sketch.  Up to this point you have approved each itteration so this is your last chance to add details such as a wrist watch, text on shirt, flower in the hair, stuff like that. We can’t change the pose and general outlines since they should have been changed earlier.

Finished design

Once the detailed sketch is approved I’ll do the high resolution digital version. This will take me many hours to complete so at this point there are no revisions to outlines and you can’t add anything else without an additional charge.  You still have 3 revisions included at this stage that will cover colors only. For text design it also include elements such as stripes or bubbles.