Graffiti on Commission

Hello, My name is Mike a.k.a MindGem and I’m a professional graffiti artist.  I’ll draw graffiti designs and characters on commission. High resolution, crisp detailed and ready for print or publishing. Full commercial copyright is included with your order!customgraffitiFonts ($10 per letter)
The idea for this service is to offer a wide range of font styles, everything from bubbly to wild style. However my target group is commercial businesses so I put down a lot of effort to make my graffiti legible. Choose your style here.

I can also draw you a custom text design, see that option here.

Colors (Free)
Ah colors, the beautiful spectrum of reflected light that flourish the world. You can choose any colors you want for your design. For inspiration and suggestions, Click here.

Characters ($25 each)
If you want to add a cool character to your design, I have a bunch to choose from. Any of the characters listed on my site is just $5 to add.  Check my featured  characters here.

I can also draw you a new character after your own ideas. See that option here.

Backdrops ($50 each)
Boost your design further by adding a brickwall, a subway car or a worn down industrial complex. Check my backdrops here

Custom graffiti from scratch $400

This is the creme de la creme. Together we’ll discuss what your design should look like, I’ll draw your sketches and we’ll move on to high resolution digital once approved. Check out the details for Custom graffiti designs here.Custom Graffiti On Commission

Contact me with your ideas

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“Mindgem was awesome throughout the process. The creativity and artistic ability coupled with great customer service and responsiveness moved the project along quickly and on point. Recommend 100% for personal or business needs. Will definitely be coming back again for more art.”


“Exceptionally professional service, very interactive, as for the design work, as good as it can get, can’t believe how quick a piece of artwork can be done, especially to the quality and standard it is. Perfect service 10/10”

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