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Graffiti Backdrops

A cool way to give your text design some context is to implement a backdrop. Make your design look spray painted on a train or a wall for example.

The backdrops are built up with many layers so when is placed we'll add shadows, highlights, texture, splatter, grime and so on ontop of it to make it all look realistic, it's not a flat image but a highly complex Photoshop file.

Price: $25

Boston Redline

Boston Redline Train Boston Redline Graffiti

New York City

New York back alley New York Graffiti

Exploding Brickwall

Exploding wall graffiti Exploding Brickwall

Flower Power

Flower text decoration Flower Power text decoration

Train Station

Subway Station Graffiti New York Subway Station Sign

Art Gallery

Art Gallery Graffiti Art Gallery Template


New York Subway Graffiti Subway Graffiti 1980's


Ballcourt graffiti Ball Court Graffiti

Various bricks and tiles

Brickwall Graffiti Graffiti On Brickwall

The backdrop images are about 6000px x 4000px at 300pdi. Not sold separately and will not be provided layered or without your design on it.

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